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We have been involved in projects serving multiple facets of the cannabis industry. These projects are not simply retail, agricultural, or industrial in nature, as they might be for any other industry; the cannabis business requires additional layers of regulatory compliance and coordination.


Each of these projects are examples of our work in the cannabis industry


We have assisted clients with the installation, retrofit, and permitting of various agricultural facilities to support cannabis growth. Some examples include:

  • 6,500 sf indoor/outdoor cultivation facility in MONTEREY COUNTY, CA

  • 10.5 acre outdoor cultivation facility in SAN MIGUEL, CA

  • 175,000 sf indoor cultivation facility in GREENFIELD, CA

  • Over 60 acre indoor/outdoor cultivation and processing facility in SANTA BARBARA COUNTY, CA

  • 2.5 acre indoor facility in MONTEREY COUNTY, CA

  • Indoor cultivation facility in SACRAMENTO, CA

  • Production and Manufacturing Facility on 156 acres in SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, CA


Before coming to market, cannabis must be treated from its natural form in a manner consistent with its eventual use. The following are some of the processing facilities we have designed. 


After processing, cannabis is subject to strict quality control regulations. Testing facilities allow cannabis processors to meet these regulations and get their product to market. This is a testing facility that we have designed: 


Retail facilities for cannabis products are distinct from any other retail facility by their required security measures and their state and local regulatory requirements. Here are some retail facilities we have designed:


The Huston Street Campus is a planned cannabis facility that will feature six separate facilities totaling more than 120,000 square feet of cannabis grow-houses, processing facilities, and warehousing. We are excited to see these facilities get built. 

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