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Architecture is about more than design. Done well, architecture reconciles a series of constraints - budget, timeline, land-use, aesthetic, and otherwise - with your desires for the final product. Hunter Smith Architecture will be there with you every step of the way. 

We prioritize functional design, efficient processes, and collaboration. These priorities set the tone for each phase of your project, from design and engineering, through approvals, permitting, and ultimately construction.


We begin each client engagement with an informal meeting on the phone, in our office, or via Zoom. The purpose of this introductory meeting is for us to get a very preliminary idea of what you are trying to accomplish, and for you to get to know our process. There is no charge for this meeting. We are eager to meet you, hear about your plans, and discuss how HSA might provide the unique designs and practical solutions necessary to bring your vision to life. 

This file will help you prepare for our initial meeting.


After the Initial Meeting, HSA will provide a proposal to begin work on your project with a feasibility study and site visit. The purpose of a feasibility study is to identify potential challenges and opportunities at the earliest possible time to ensure the efficiency of the design, approval, and construction of your project. The scope and content of each feasibility study is entirely dependent on the variables of each potential project. 

With the Feasibility Study complete, you are able to make a fully informed decision to move forward with your project, and we are equipped to work as efficiently as possible. 

This File provides a general outline of the questions that will be asked and answered during the Feasibility Study. 


After the Feasibility Study, HSA will provide a proposal to continue with full architectural services. HSA will work together with various consultants and permitting agencies through the following stages. The end result will be your completed project. 

  1. Schematic Design - Define basic design parameters.          

  2. Design Development - Refine the design to your expectations, and see the progress in 3-D. 

  3. Construction Documents - Produce the plan set necessary for the regulatory agency to approve your project, and for the contractor to prepare a detailed cost estimate. 

  4. Construction Administration - We remain involved in your project until it is completely finished by assisting the contractor and ensuring that your project is built to the specifications that you and HSA worked so hard to develop. 

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