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Hunter Smith Architecture was founded out of CRSA Architecture in 2021. We are proud to carry on the legacy of good design grounded in function, practicality, and collaboration.

CRSA Architecture was founded in 1986 by Craig Smith. Since founding CRSA, Craig's work has been prominently featured throughout California's Central Coast. Craig's career has been defined by noteworthy design grounded in practicality and functionality, and crafted through a collaborative process with the client and each consultant necessary to bring the project to life.

After a long and successful career, Craig made the decision to step into part-time retirement. With that, Craig's longtime employee, Dana Hunter, acquired CRSA and rebranded the company to indicate her own leadership while recognizing the Company that launched her career in 2011. We are proud to continue CRSA's legacy under this new name.

Dana worked for CRSA Architecture since her graduation from Cal Poly in 2011. During her time with Craig, she has been fortunate to be included in every phase of a diverse series of projects. It is this far-reaching experience that gives Dana the foundation to continue Craig's legacy of successful architecture in San Luis Obispo.

Here are some of Dana's favorite projects from her time at CRSA:

Moving forward, Hunter Smith Architecture will continue right where CRSA Architecture has left off: with good design, efficient processes, innovative solutions, and an eye for functionality. Dana looks forward to continuing the relationships that she and Craig have formed with the best consultants, contractors, and agency partners in the area. She is also thankful that Craig will continue to work in the office, albeit a little bit less than he has for the past 35 years.

We wish Craig a happy (partial) retirement, and appreciate more than we can express his willingness to remain involved as we move forward as Hunter Smith Architecture.

Learn more about the team behind Hunter Smith Architecture, the services we offer, and our process to deliver quality architecture. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your project. We look forward to working with you!

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