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Pismo Beach Site Visits

Hunter Smith Architecture (and our predecessor company, CRSA Architecture) has enjoyed working on several projects for the City of Pismo Beach.

We are currently working on updates to the Pismo Beach City Hall, the Corp. Yard, and the Chapman Estate. Each of these projects is in a different phase of construction. So, we thought it would be a good opportunity to take our staff by each project so everyone can see the progress and learn about how the construction process is implemented from the plans that we all work so hard on developing. Craig Smith joined us to discuss the structural engineering observations and construction administration work on site that has helped these projects move forward.


The remodel of City Hall is nearing completion. In addition to a general facelift for the interior office spaces, we also provided design solutions meant to ensure employee safety. Below, you can see retractable screens above each public facing reception desk. At this phase, our construction administration is focused on ensuring that the finishes and fixtures are installed to the highest standard.


The City's Corp. Yard is in the middle of construction. We are adding restrooms and other facilities to make this a more efficient work space. We walked through the project to discuss structural engineering considerations and ADA retrofits to the old metal building.


We are particularly proud of our work refurbishing the Chapman Estate. We are assisting with the plans necessary to replace the roof and windows, and add an accessible restroom. The roof shingles we specified look similar to the existing wood roof, but it is a composite material provided by CeDUR Synthetic Roofing Products.

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