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This post is part 2 of a 2-part property development project we were involved in near Downtown San Luis Obispo. The first phase was building a duplex behind an existing single family home; Phase 2 was remodeling that home.

The Phillips Lane Remodel involved a total remodel of the existing home, including the addition of a master suite and additional half-bathroom. You can see the changes to the property in these comparison shots. The first shows the property with Phase 1 completed; the second shows the property after Phase 2.

The house was originally built in 1927. In addition to aesthetic upgrades and an updated floorplan, we used this opportunity to repair the foundation, re-wire all of the electrical system, and install all new plumbing.

We also went through great effort to retain the existing flooring. We repaired several boards, and installed matching wood flooring into the kitchen area. Keeping the original flooring - even with all of its' imperfections - keeps the original feel of the house.

Here are some of our favorite progress photos from this project:

And here is the finished product:

Finally, as an interesting aside, here are some period photos from this home left from the previous owner, who had inherited this property from her great aunt.

This full evolution of this property from a single, old home on a large lot, to a newly remodeled home with a duplex, shows the importance of having a master plan before getting to work. Hunter Smith Architecture can help you evaluate development alternatives for your property, and lay out the road map for you to realize your vision. Contact us to get started!

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