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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Why (and how) does HSA support our employees get their Architect's license?

HSA strives for a culture of excellence, ambition, and accountability. What better way for an employee to demonstrate their dedication to their profession than by deciding to study for the exams and pursue the professional experience necessary to get their license? Sure, a designer can have a long career working on high quality projects without being licensed, and many do. But, we think there is value to our company, and to our clients, in having employees who are diligent in pursuing professional development.

We have a deal with each of our employees. We will provide the study material for each ARE exam. We will pay for their annual registration in the program to record work experience through NCARB. When it comes time to take the ARE’s, we will reimburse them the registration cost for every exam that they pass. And, when they are finally licensed, we will pay for them to maintain that license. This is a process that requires significant continuing education requirements, ensuring that they are up to date on our industry's best practices.

What about other professional development?

Our deal doesn’t stop with an Architect’s License; we offer similar support for LEED Certifications and other professional development opportunities.

We also make an effort to get out of the office to visit our projects. This allows everyone to see the process of construction, meet the contractors, and see how their drawings come to life. Here is Dana, Sergio, and Letty at a recent site visit of a commercial retail space we are finishing in San Luis Obispo.

Contact us today so that we can discuss how our team of dedicated and ambitious professionals might help bring your project to life.

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