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Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Home Builder Digest named us one of San Luis Obispo's Ten Best Residential Architects. We are honored to be included along with the best of our peers. You can read more from the Home Builder Digest here.

They chose the Alrita Residence to showcase of our firm's residential work. We thought we would take this opportunity to show you all that went into creating that beautiful home.

Our clients brought this home to us with a big vision for an upgrade. As you can see from these before and after photos, their newly remodeled home is hardly recognizable. The entire floorplan was opened up, and we expanded the wrap-around deck so that our clients and their guests could fully capture their beautiful view of San Luis Obispo.

Beyond the obvious changes to this home's facade and floorplan, we are particularly proud of some of the details we were able to incorporate into this property. Many thanks to Gary Foster of Foster Enterprises, who was the General Contractor for this project.

We always appreciate the opportunity to help our clients create their dream home. Whether this will require an extensive remodel like the Alrita Residence and the Sooter Residence, or ground-up construction like the Bluff Residence, we love the challenge of merging form and function to create the perfect space.

You can see more of our Residential Portfolio on our website. Contact us to discuss how Hunter Smith Architecture can help you with your residential project.

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!!! absolutely beautiful work Dana & Logan...we love seeing these examples of your impeccable work. Congratulations on the establishment of Hunter Smith- Architecture. Steve & I know your firm will soon dominate the competition (in fact that may already be the case 🥰) Sending Cheers & Love, Carey et al

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